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Star Wars Lightsaber Laser Pointer

March 29th, 2010


Force is strong with this pointer!



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… some bad a$$ dudes fought with laser swords called Lightsabers. The Lightsaber Laser Pointers are roughly one third scale versions of the Lightsaber hilts carried by the Sith lords Darth Maul and Darth Vader. Not only that, they double as red dot laser pointers. Lightsaber Laser!


Light Saber Laser Pointer1


Laser pointers are just as useful as the force. They are perfect if you are teaching a class and need to point out the important equation that is written on the board. It is super fun to make your pets chase the dot around. And, just like a Lightsaber, it can cut through enemies like butter. (Well, maybe not…)


Light Saber Laser Pointer2


The Lightsaber Laser Pointers are fully functional red dot lasers and super stylish mini Lightsaber replicas.



Light Saber Laser Pointer3


Star Wars Lightsaber Laser Pointer features:


* Working red dot laser pointer.
* The force.
* Highly detailed scaled replicas.
* Takes 3 AG5 button cell batteries. (Included)
* Pew pew pew!


You can find more info about this great Jedi item here.

May The Force Be With You!



Green Laser Pointer II

March 19th, 2010


Noppe, not red – it’s green



Okay, just about everyone has a red laser pointer. But, you surely want to be a superior geek – and doing it with a green laser is the way to go.


This pointer is significantly brighter (about 50 times) than a red laser pointer and because of its unusual color it is much more noticeable. I mean come on, a 532 nm green laser wavelength is obviously superior to a laughable 650 nm red laser wavelength. And unlike a red laser, the green beam itself can be seen in mid-air in dark conditions, not just the laser beam dot. This allows the green laser pointer to be used for pointing to star constellations (skypointing) and also just generally look cool as hell. The green laser beam dot can be seen at much greater distances than with a red laser pointer.



Green Laser Pointer II



Since green direct injection laser diodes aren’t readily available, this pointer is based on the use of Diode Pumped Solid State Frequency Doubled (DPSSFD) laser technology. A high power IR laser diode at 808 nm pumps a tiny block of Nd:YVO4 generating light at 1,064 nm which feeds a KTP intracavity frequency doubler crystal to produce the green beam at 532 nm.


Features of this unit include:


* Very bright green laser at 532 nm wavelength
* Output power of <5mW (Class IIIa Laser Product) * Range of approximately 9,000 ft (2600 m) in darkness * 1.1 mm beam diameter at source * Momentary push button switch * Solid, heavy duty construction * Constant wave output (as opposed to pulse output) * Takes 2 "AAA" batteries (included) * Can be used for skypointing, projection on low clouds, signaling, highlighting potential explosives * Dimensions: 5.6" x .5" dia * 90-day warranty * Available in Black or Silver color


You can find more info here



Star Wars Widget – 1-Billionth Scale Model of USS Enterprise

March 16th, 2010


Tiny USS Enterprise



Micro Enterprise



Measuring just 8.8-micrometers long, this 1-billionth scale model of the USS Enterprise “was made with a 30 kV Ga+ focused-ion- beam CVD using phenanthrene gas by Takayuki Hoshino and Shinji Matsui of the Himeji Institute of Technology.”