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3D: Stereogram Galery

March 7th, 2010


Stereograms – 3D IMAGES




Stereograms are 3D images hidden within another image. To see it simply stare at the picture until hidden shape starts forming.
If you find this too difficult, you could try some of these technics:

- pick a spot on the picture (the middle is usually the best choice) and just stare at it
- let your eyes relax, don’t stare at it, instead, try to see through it (your eyes should go out of focus a bit… that is normal)
- be persistant while staring

After you manage to see first hidden image, you will see any other much easier.



3D Alphabet Image



3D New2



3D New3



3D New4



3D New5



3D New6



3D New7



3D  Crater



3D Effects



3D Elis



3D Game



3D Head



3D Lion



3D Lomo



3D Maze



3D Nature



3D Roll



3D Spiral



3D Vortex



3D Woman