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10 Usual Gym Types

March 25th, 2010


General Identifiable Gym Characters



10 Gym Characters Intro


Everyone these days is usually a member of some type of work out facility. This place allows you to break a sweat, relieve some stress, and meet people all in one location. Unless you are in a specialized gym that is either for just yoga, weightlifting, or Pilates there is a good chance you will come across each of these easily identifiable characters at your local gym.



Mr. Meathead

Mr Meathead


This is the guy that is probably wearing a loose Gold’s Gym tank top and grunts so loud that the entire gym takes notice every times he pushes a set out. He takes 5 minutes to talk himself up before each exercise and once he finishes you would think he just broke every world record. Mr. Meathead thinks he is owns the gym just because his neck is the size of his waist.



Make-Up Girl

Make-Up Girl


The make up girl is the one at the gym who is wearing full blown make up and looks like she is ready for a night at the club. She probably does about six worthless exercises at half speed because she is worried about sweating and ruining her make up. Your standard make up girl does more work texting to her friends and finding songs on her iPod then actual exercise in her hour stint at the gym.



Mr. Fitness

Mr Fitness


This guy is the ultimate fitness guru. Mr. Fitness is in excellent shape and looks like he has not eaten a carbohydrate since 2002. He probably has all the latest work out gear and does his sets at exact intervals with a stop watch to keep him on schedule along with his journal to track his progress. He most likely has a protein shake with him at all times.



Attention Craved Mom

Attention Craved Mom


The attention craved mom is a slightly past her prime mother that still wants to feel desirable at the gym. Her outfit generally consists of either a sports bra with no top over that or some short boy shorts to attract the other gym members’ attentions. She takes an assortment of classes ranging from Pilates to yoga in hopes of keeping her body as tight as possible. When she is not in class, she can be found near the trainer’s station or the men’s free weights where she will be asking how to use a certain piece of equipment or hoping to attract the eyes of the male gym members.



Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal Fitness Trainer


This guy is at the gym in his trainer uniform or working out at least 80 hours a week. You would think he has cot in the men’s locker room. He is talking it up with all the patrons and thinks that everybody is his best friend. Even on his off days, he will be there for a double work out because he probably has only a handful of friends once he exits the gym. The gym is his both his life and self esteem booster.



Cardio Lady

Cardio Lady


This lady seems to be on a cardio machine every time you go to the gym regardless of the time or day. Whether she is walking on the treadmill, climbing the Stairmaster or using the elliptical machine, she always appears to be doing a minimum of 2 hours of cardio a day. She never uses anything other than the cardio machines and always has headphones on or is tuned into whatever is on the television.



The Smelly Guy

The Smelly Guy


This guy, for whatever reason, flat out stinks. When you are working out near him, you are repulsed by his stench. When you use the machine he used last, the smell is almost to intolerable to stand. This guy is usually wearing a combination of clothes that he wears to his day job and work out clothes. Whatever section of the gym he is working out in, you attempt to avoid at all costs.



Super Woman

Super Woman


These ladies don’t have an ounce of fat on them and look like they can bench press more than the men. They are completely ripped and usually wear revealing outfits that show off their bodies. Their bodies are so muscular that it is often slightly scary for most guys.



One Muscle King

One Muscle King


This is the guy that has an obsession with enhancing one particular muscle on his body. He is working that one muscle at least 4 or 5 days a week. Usually it is fairly obvious what muscle he is obsessed with because it usually does not fit the rest of his physique. He can be seen flexing and checking himself out constantly in the mirror.



Short Term Gym Guest

Short Term Gym Guest


This guy, for whatever reason, decided now was the time to get in shape. He is usually out of shape or obese. This person is normally seen working out with a personal trainer due to his registration package he just signed up with. He probably has a few new gym outfits to help motivate him and make him fit in. However, he is out of shape for a reason and once his personal training sessions run out, he will become an extinct guest.



Image Gallery

March 8th, 2010





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3D: Stereogram Galery

March 7th, 2010


Stereograms – 3D IMAGES




Stereograms are 3D images hidden within another image. To see it simply stare at the picture until hidden shape starts forming.
If you find this too difficult, you could try some of these technics:

- pick a spot on the picture (the middle is usually the best choice) and just stare at it
- let your eyes relax, don’t stare at it, instead, try to see through it (your eyes should go out of focus a bit… that is normal)
- be persistant while staring

After you manage to see first hidden image, you will see any other much easier.



3D Alphabet Image



3D New2



3D New3



3D New4



3D New5



3D New6



3D New7



3D  Crater



3D Effects



3D Elis



3D Game



3D Head



3D Lion



3D Lomo



3D Maze



3D Nature



3D Roll



3D Spiral



3D Vortex



3D Woman