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Steampunk Star Wars Gadget

March 12th, 2010


Post-Apocalyptic Clone Stormtrooper Helmet




Steampunk Stromtrooper Helmet1



If you put yourself in a Star Wars fan group and plus if you like Steampunk gadgets, you will like this cool, ‘Must Have’ item.



Steampunk Stromtrooper Helmet2



Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet was created by Brian Rood. You can find a lot of Steampunk in it, instead of the usual science-fiction inspired themes that we would generaly see in Star Wars products.



Steampunk Stromtrooper Helmet3



The shape is completely influenced by the helmet that Stromtroopers wear in Star Wars, but it has metallic body. With these characteristics, it looks like some item from post-apocalyptic yet Star Wars influenced era.



Steampunk Stromtrooper Helmet4



Taken from here.