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Russian Self-Made Hummer

March 26th, 2010


Russian Hummer-Like Terrain Vehicle



Russian Hummer


It can’t be called full replica as it is more likely a Russian approach for the Big Aggressive Car that can be used to climb mountains, to sow and plough through the fields, to clean snow and mud and even to… drive underwater.

“I have only one oxygen mask that can be used while you are driving by the bottom of the lake/river. Once we were crossing some lake and the car got stuck in the bottom mud. My passenger didn’t have a mask so he had to swim out to the surface to get some air and get back down to me to help releasing it.”, says the owner.

And yes, it can drive through the fire too!


Self-Made Hummer 1


Self-Made Hummer 2


Self-Made Hummer 3


Self-Made Hummer 4


Self-Made Hummer 5


Fire Russian Hummer1


Fire Russian Hummer2


Snow Russian Hummer 1


Snow Hummer2